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Authors: You Don’t Need the Smashwords Style Guide

smashwordsIf you have decent knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can forget the Smashwords Style Guide (SSG) and save yourself a couple hours of reading.* Of course, if you’ve already published with Smashwords then you’ve probably already read it, but I can save anyone who hasn’t yet!

If you’re wondering what Smashwords is, then you’ll like the next sentence. Smashwords is an ebook retailer and distributor; they distribute ebooks to Apple, Sony Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Library Direct and about a hundred other online ebook stores. Basically, they widen your audience reach. If you’re an ebook writer and you don’t use Smashwords, now’s a good time to start.

The SSG gives you the information you need to meet Smashword’s formatting guidelines, and is is 115 pages (plenty of pictures), but I think I can give you the important information in just a few numbered points. This is for either fiction or nonfiction with no images. So here it goes, the Simple Smashwords Style Guide. Continue reading

Body (Un)Happiness

woman's back with freckles and acne

(Photo: Bhumika Bhatia)

I’m not happy with my body. I don’t know you, but I bet you’re not happy with your body. Why is that? My body is the best thing I have – why don’t I like it more? I actually know the answer to that question, I just like to ask questions and then answer them. Makes me feel knowledgeable.

First, as you probably already know, we’re surrounded by images of physical perfection. We want to attain that perfection, and the only problem is that what we want is literally unattainable. The woman in that magazine has been photoshopped – *nobody looks like that*. The man on the billboard is wearing makeup. That child in the diaper commercials has butt implants, that’s why his booty is so fine. You’ll never have an ass like his. Accept it. Continue reading