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How does Christmas work?

(Photo by Christmas Stock Images)

(Photo by Christmas Stock Images)

I get the general idea – jolly red guy brings you presents, drink eggnog until you vomit, peace unto all, etc. etc.

What about the pile of presents, though, how does that work? When I was growing up, my family didn’t celebrate Christmas. When I got married, my wife and her kids were the Christmas-celebrating type. Not wanting to ruin their lives by making them give up their well-loved traditions, I accepted their strange way of life instead. Continue reading

How wise were the wise men?

(Photo by Waiting for the Word)

(Photo by Waiting for the Word)

You all know the story. Three wise men follow the star to Bethlehem where they find the baby Jesus, give him gifts, and everything is great. What reason do we have for believing they’re wise men, though? Just the fact that they’re called ‘wise’? I could call myself a wise man, but the evidence is really in my actions.

Right now I’m going to present damning evidence that they’re actually just a bunch of idiots, as found in the historically-accurate song Do You Hear What I Hear by the historian-poet Noël Regney. Continue reading

Updated Covers

I’ve made a new cover for the ebook version of The Quest for Juice and also updated the cover for the paperback version. If you’re wondering where I find the time to do all this, it’s by avoiding any actual work. The work I’m avoiding right now (and have been for months) is editing the sequel. Actually I’m not even to editing yet – I’m avoiding proofreading. :p On the left here is the paperback, and the right is the ebook.


(click to view full size)

Continue reading

Nelson Mandela: Beloved Terrorist?

(Photo by Ted Eyten)

(Photo by Ted Eyten)

Today, at the age of 95, Nelson Mandela died of a lung infection. I haven’t studied him extensively, but what I do know of him has always given me cause to admire him. The Onion pretty accurately says that he is ‘the first politician to be missed‘, and seems like just a pretty great guy. My daughter even wanted to dress up as him for the UK’s National Heroes Day (she eventually went as Florence Nightingale, because how do you dress up as Nelson Mandela?).

He was on the United State’s terrorist watch list until 2008, though. The internationally beloved former leader of South Africa who was instrumental in ending apartheid, was considered a terrorist by America until he was 90 years old. Continue reading

Is there any holiday that’s good for you?

(Photo by Dafne Cholet)

Every holiday, it seems, is based around spending too much, eating too much, or both. Thanksgiving was just pretty well summed up by my brother, who said “I didn’t eat all I wanted, and I ate too much.” I ate until I was nearly sick. So did pretty much everyone I know. I ate that much at a church dinner on Saturday, then again at Thanksgiving on Thursday, then leftovers every other day of the week.

Thanksgiving, of course, is now invaded by Black Friday so now you also get to spend too much as well as eating too much. Continue reading