Is there any holiday that’s good for you?

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(Photo by Dafne Cholet)

Every holiday, it seems, is based around spending too much, eating too much, or both. Thanksgiving was just pretty well summed up by my brother, who said “I didn’t eat all I wanted, and I ate too much.” I ate until I was nearly sick. So did pretty much everyone I know. I ate that much at a church dinner on Saturday, then again at Thanksgiving on Thursday, then leftovers every other day of the week.

Thanksgiving, of course, is now invaded by Black Friday so now you also get to spend too much as well as eating too much.

Ostensibly, the holiday is about being thankful, but by the way we act it seems that the things we’re actually thankful for are gluttony and greed.

Halloween just passed, which is a good excuse for eating so much candy that you should be ashamed of yourself. Easter will be here in a few months, and the chocolate then (at least for kids) can easily match or beat Halloween.

Coming up is Christmas, the king of the spend-too-much holidays. The amount spent at Christmas by the average person is around $800 (source: investopedia), which, in my opinion, is way too much to be wasting on a bunch of stuff that many people don’t want and certainly don’t need.

Isn’t the real meaning of Christmas to be spending time together, helping each other, giving to others, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on essentially needless consumer goods made in third world countries by little boys and girls who live in boxes and only get to come out to make you an iPad and be whipped? And isn’t Thanksgiving truly about being thankful, instead of eating everything in sight? Isn’t Columbus Day about taking over a continent by an intentional process of genocide… nevermind that one.

I don’t want to spend all that money. I don’t want to eat all that food. “Why don’t you just stop, then?” you ask. Good question. I know I don’t have to celebrate the way everyone else does, but to me, the main point of a holiday is that it’s a shared celebration. If everyone else isn’t celebrating Christmas too, then you’re just a weirdo that brought a fir tree into your house and put brightly wrapped boxes under it. Sure, I can have a pigeon instead of a turkey at Thanksgiving, but nobody is sharing that experience with me.

Maybe I’ll just make Presidents’ Day the centerpiece of my year, at least nobody is likely to commercialize or food-theme that day.

Let me know your thoughts!