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I’ve made a new cover for the ebook version of The Quest for Juice and also updated the cover for the paperback version. If you’re wondering where I find the time to do all this, it’s by avoiding any actual work. The work I’m avoiding right now (and have been for months) is editing the sequel. Actually I’m not even to editing yet – I’m avoiding proofreading. :p On the left here is the paperback, and the right is the ebook.


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I’ve got a little more detail here that shows the progression of the paperback cover, from left to right. The one on the left is the original cover from when the book was first published in June. The one on the right is the cover of the upcoming second edition, and the one in the middle is… in the middle.

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The main changes are:
– Changed shadow around orange to a glow
– Changed tagline to something funnier, with larger text
– Changed the title color so it stands out more and looks more like the title of a humorous book
– Changed background, made it darker, made it a smoother, more textury texture that covers the whole thing

My wife has since reminded me that actually there’s only *one* hedgehog in the book, so the “Hedgehogs.” part of the tagline is misleading. I’m truly sorry for anyone who expected multiple hedgehogs, and upon reading the book, discovered to their great disappointment that there was only one. I will remedy this as soon as possible and send you the missing hedgehogs in the mail.

Let me know your thoughts!