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To Be Five Years Old Again

(You can sit naked on people and they don't even mind.)

As a child, you can sit naked on people and they’re totally cool with it.

I lay in bed for hours, turning this way and that. Now I’m too cold. Now the pillow is too hot. The LED lights on my computer are simply too bright for me to sleep, so I have to get up and cover them with electrician’s tape. My arm has gone to sleep. My leg has a cramp. Earlier, my 5 year old nephew, Ethan, has gone to sleep after lying in bed for about three minutes and having his back rubbed by me.

Not only has he gone to sleep instantly, but he didn’t even feel tired before. Sure, he was cranky. He cried when I suggested that he watch 30 minutes of TV and then do his homework. He sat for a quarter of an hour and sulked over a spoonful of macaroni & cheese he had to eat. Tired, though? Not him – as far as he knows, anyway. Children don’t know they’re tired. You can see it, you can see how their body rebels against them running around every waking moment. (My body certainly rebels against that kind of thing, so I spend most of the day at a computer chair or on a couch.) Continue reading