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BookCoverPreviewFor years now, I’ve had a small collection of inspirational, advice, and self-help books. A couple books about parenting, a book of Zen proverbs, books about writing, books about living simply, etc. Every now and then I’d read through one of them to remind myself of the useful or inspiring things I read the first time, to be sure they were always in my mind. 

Lots of self-help books are mostly filler, though, so I might read a hundred pages and only get ten pages of what I want. With the Zen proverbs book, there are only a few I particularly like but I had to keep the whole book for them. And of course, with so many books, I couldn’t stay regularly updated on them all.

About a month ago I got the idea that I’d compile a book of advice/inspiration/help for myself, made of the most useful things from those books and also what’s in my head. It would have famous quotes as well as memorable quotes from my friends and family. There’d also be pictures of things I like, such as pigeons, hot fires, my family, and my wife. If I’m down, the book should bring me up, and it should also keep me constantly mindful of what’s important. If Conan the Barbarian had a book like this, the first section would be What is Best in Life? and there’d be lots of stuff about driving the enemy before him. That kind of thing.

I put it off, as I do with most things, but two weeks ago, I read a post on Reddit that changed my life (I’ll make a post in the future about that) and inspired me to get going with it. I wrote the book in a little over a week, then collected images and inspirational quotes for it. Yesterday, I hit the Publish button, and the first copy of JD’s Book of Advice for JD is on its way to me.

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