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No, Britain is not wondering “What is the EU?”

Everybody but me is stupid? That's exactly what I've always thought!

There are a bunch of articles around the internet implying that on the day of the EU referendum (link to read if you don’t know what that is), a significant proportion of UK voters were not even sure what the EU is. The articles are very convenient, because I for one love to be shocked at the ignorance of others.

Here’s one article, which is representative of the others I’ve seen: After Brexit Vote, Britain Asks Google: ‘What Is The EU?’

They’re all misleading. This one is particularly disappointing, because it’s from NPR, a news source I mostly trust.

It pretends to be saying something, without actually saying anything. What are the relative numbers? How many people made this search? It’s a 400% increase, but how many people is that? Nobody knows.

It says there’s a 680% increase in people from London wanting to move to Gibralter, but are we really expected to believe that there are enormous masses of people suddenly going to move from the financial center of the world to a barren island less than 7 square kilometers where the primary economic driver is people coming to look at a big rock? In reality, it’s more like last week there was 1 person who wanted to move there, this week there are around 7 people. But “less people than you can see if you look out your window during the day want to move to Gibralter” is a boring headline. It’s a bit long too, let’s just make it “BRITAIN MOVES TO BIG ROCK.”

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