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Authors: You Don’t Need the Smashwords Style Guide

smashwordsIf you have decent knowledge of Microsoft Word, you can forget the Smashwords Style Guide (SSG) and save yourself a couple hours of reading.* Of course, if you’ve already published with Smashwords then you’ve probably already read it, but I can save anyone who hasn’t yet!

If you’re wondering what Smashwords is, then you’ll like the next sentence. Smashwords is an ebook retailer and distributor; they distribute ebooks to Apple, Sony Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Library Direct and about a hundred other online ebook stores. Basically, they widen your audience reach. If you’re an ebook writer and you don’t use Smashwords, now’s a good time to start.

The SSG gives you the information you need to meet Smashword’s formatting guidelines, and is is 115 pages (plenty of pictures), but I think I can give you the important information in just a few numbered points. This is for either fiction or nonfiction with no images. So here it goes, the Simple Smashwords Style Guide. Continue reading