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Updated Covers

I’ve made a new cover for the ebook version of The Quest for Juice and also updated the cover for the paperback version. If you’re wondering where I find the time to do all this, it’s by avoiding any actual work. The work I’m avoiding right now (and have been for months) is editing the sequel. Actually I’m not even to editing yet – I’m avoiding proofreading. :p On the left here is the paperback, and the right is the ebook.


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First Book Blog Review

Zoe Markham at the blog Zoë has reviewed The Quest for Juice. For the full review, go here:

Here are some of my favorite parts from Ms. Markham’s review:

“…I picked it up and then couldn’t put it down.”

There’s no doubt whatsoever that Jackson can write. This book is littered with sentences that are a pure delight.”

“It’s a hard title to review because, it’s just so…out of the ordinary. Which is a Good Thing…

“…what makes it stand out is Oscar’s narrative voice. It’s absolutely compelling in its charm.

“Oscar’s is a fresh voice, and a strong voice. There’s an effortless style to him that makes him infinitely readable.

If you don’t want Zoe having all the fun and would like to enjoy the ‘infinitely readable, charming voice’ of Oscar for yourself, here are some buttons you might be interested in:

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Proof Copy Approved

Proof CopyThe proof copy of The Quest for Juice arrived this morning, and I’ve since given it a thorough looking-at. I didn’t count them all, but I’m pretty sure the words I intended to be inside it are actually there, and there’s definitely a hand holding an orange on the front, so I’ve approved the book for publishing, which means within the next 5-7 days paperback copies of The Quest for Juice will be available from Amazon. You’d think it would be instant, but apparently this book is so great they want to take a little extra time in getting it all set up.