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    3 thoughts on “Contact

    1. wordwizardw

      Dear Jonathan-David Jackson:

      I enjoyed the Kindle Scout excerpt from NOT QUITE THE END OF THE WORLD and intend to vote for it. It was hilarious! I loved how well your third person narrative conveyed Charles’ thoughts and personality. Great stuff!

      BTW, did you intend a tip-of-the-hat to the Rocky Horror Show when you put “Goddamnit, Janet.”? I did wonder just why you dipped briefly into Janet’s POV, and just what “…and the way their conversation made her shudder to think of.” meant. It seemed to be missing a word or two. Then, “What they both wanted, and want [sic] anyone would want…” seemed to go into DUAL POVs for a moment.

      I look forward to reading more!

      1. jonathandavidjacksonwrites Post author

        wordwizard –

        Thanks for your kind words, I drink them up a cactus in the middle of the dry season. 😀 Every time I write something, whether it’s a short story or a full book, I have a period of telling myself I’m the worst writer in the world and nobody will ever love me or read what I’ve written.

        It’s not a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference; I haven’t seen that, although I’ve just looked it up and it looks good, and my wife says it’s great, so I’m probably going to watch it.

        There is a word missing there, and there is a typo in that last bit. It fills me with shame! :p Normally after I write a book I listen to it with a text-to-speech program, but I was in a rush to get it up on Kindle Scout, so I skipped that. I’ve been listening to it over the past week, though, and I’ve caught plenty of typos, missing words, and repeated words, (about one every 10 pages) so I’ll have them all cleared up for the first published edition.

        My previous books were all in first-person, this is my first time with third-person and I’m experimenting with the different ways you can do POV. I guess what I’m doing for a portion of the book is an omniscient viewpoint, where I jump between characters, sometimes for a single thought. Hopefully I don’t do it in a jarring way, but it’s what I’m doing. :p

        Anyway, thanks again, and thanks for your time in writing to me.

    2. wordwizardw

      Listening to a text-to-speech program sounds like a long and tedious process, and can miss so much—Like “Goddamnit, Janet.” Since you DIDN’T mean it to be a reference, you might want to rethink it…

      I happen to do beta-reading/editing/proofreading, should you need such services, and can assure you you are an excellent writer, or I would not bother to vote for your book, or to be writing you.


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