Paranoia Book Three: The Quest for Nothing in Particular

The Quest for Nothing in Particular coverOscar isn’t looking for anything, since he has just about everything he could want. A wife. A house. A hedgehog that isn’t trying to gnaw his face off. But their life of comfort lived under martial law is disrupted when the Red Fist Army suddenly disbands and a nuclear weapon goes missing, leaving it up to Oscar and his wife Penelope to save their town.

Along the way they receive help and sometimes hindrance from one or possibly two hedgehogs, a shotgun-wielding preteen, and a Russian veterinarian, and Oscar finds much more than he was ever looking for, including being beaten practically senseless, his archenemy Ron in case you forgot that guy, fatherhood, muggings, burglarly, buggery (actually I think he was looking for that), rats in charge of society, demonic possession, and at least one nuclear explosion.

just a brilliant, good and funny read. Enjoy!!” – Goodreads
I loved this book as much as I did the first two.” – I Read Too Much
“★★★★★” – Goodreads

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