Paranoia Book Two: The Quest for Truth


Oscar’s orderly paranoid world has been turned upside down by the Red Fist Army and he now lives in exile. With the help of Penelope, Jim, and Mr. Hodge the hedgehog, he must free their hostage town, take on the Red Fist, and discover the truth about Dr. Boggs.

However, when things go wrong and Oscar loses his closest friends, he has to rely on an unlikely group of refugees with surprising mental abilities. As he continues on his journey to freeing the town and himself, he finds out more of his own truths than he ever imagined, and absolutely nobody shoots lasers out of their eyes.


“LOVE LOVE LOVE…. one of my best reads so far this summer… ( The ENTIRE TRILOGY 5 STARS)” – Amazon
“As bonkers and wonderful as the first.” – Amazon
“A hilarious, yet frightening book.” – I Read Too Much

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